The WEPS Newsletter For January & February 2002


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January 14:

We will have an AUCTION.

January 28:

This evening there will be a Members Bourse.

February 11:

We will have our regularly scheduled AUCTION.

February 25:

There will be a Slide Program - The title being "Fancy U.S. Cancels.Fancy Cancels


A couple of quick notes: DUES ARE DO. If you haven't done so - Please Do. Secondly, a large THANK YOU to all those people who contributed to the Holiday Party.

A note for future reference. The Stamp Show that was held at the Wayne Manor over the first weekend in January - and is usually held that same time every year - is a very good show. The quality of dealers is exceptional and there is something for everyone. As a matter of fact, on Friday morning, when the show opened - it looked like a meeting of WEPS.

Lately, and thankfully, we have been getting quite a few new members: George Droste - who collects U.S. used plate blocks and multiples. Travis Brazille - a collector of U.S. Plate Blocks, FDC's and First Flight Covers. Charles Jorgenson who collects World Wide Airmails and U.S. Flown Covers - To all of you - a Hearty Welcome.

The Wayne Manor show proved very fruitful for your editor. There is one dealer that has a number of trays filled with covers for $1 each. There are many postcards and FDC's and other assorted sundries that can be found. Rumor has it that a Post Card from Mantoloking surfaced but unfortunately it is ascent of people surf fishing.

This past note was not intentionally mentioned to "gridje" - in the old country that means stick the knife in and twist - Larry Nelson. But, was mentioned to bring about a discussion. Along with stamp collecting it is amazing what a co-lateral hobby Post Card Collecting can be. It offers something for everyone. The notes I receive on Ebay from people who have purchased from me is fascinating: I live across the street; my grandparents got engaged at that spot, our house is in that picture; and so on and so on.

As a philatelist - Post Cards offer the opportunity to find cancels and hard to find stamps on cover as seen from some of my past ramblings. Post card dealers just like us - can not know everything about everything.

But, my real intent is to bring to light that there are many subjects that we as collectors could collect to enhance our collections and more important - enhance old memories. Post card collections can be made from your home town, places you have visited, and events important in your own lives. Imagine collecting post cards from the Hospital you were born in; the schools you went to; the Churches you were married in; and, the streets where you live.

My addiction to Ebay has opened a whole new area. Not necessarily for me to collect but ideas and research that have been made available by investigating these little pieces of picture memorabilia. Anyone know where the Antler Grounds Golf Course is?? I don't know yet - but I will soon. Before selling a card I want to know where it is from and if the cancellation is from the same place or at least in the approximate vicinity. The use of the computer helps make this easy when such tools as an encyclopedia and an atlas are at your fingertips - as well as, the internet.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace

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