The WEPS Newsletter for May through August 2002


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May 13:

We will have our regularly scheduled Auction Night

May 27:


June 10:

We will have a Member's Bourse.

June 24:

A Member's Bourse will be held this night.

July 8:

The night of our Regular Member's Club Auction.

July 22:

A Member's Bourse will be held this night.

August 12:

Club Auction Night.

August 26:

We will have Show & Tell Night.


At our Annual Meeting, the following Officers were elected for the upcoming year:
President- Ron Gollhardt
Vice-President - Jim Smiley
Treasurer - Lou Caprario
Secretary - Bill Boales
Trutees - Lloyd MacKay & Jack Kapchus
Thank you to all who have volunteered to serve the Club.

NOJEX will be here at the end of May. The dates are May 25-27. It is held at the Meadowland Crown Plaza Hotel in Seacaucus. It is one of the finest local shows in the country. It is of substantial size to rival any New York show. If you are interested in going it will definitely be worth your while. They are looking for help to set up; need people for admissions;; and, are looking for assistance in running the FDC Ceremony. Anyone interested in helping should contact Robert Rose at 973-966-8070.

It seems that quite a few members are interested in finding out more information on how to get stamps expertised. It has been suggested that this could be the format for a future meeting.

One of our members - Bob Parkin - is quite a computer buff, and is in the process of setting up a Club Web Page. More information is needed and he will be reporting back to us on his progress. Anyone interested in assisting in this area should contact Ron Gollhardt or Bob Parkin.

A reminder to all members - DON'T FORGET THE CIRCUIT BOOKS. Over the years there have been tremendous bargains found in them. Many items are well underpriced and you can save a lot of money from buying from them.

Forget the post cards - at the last Club Donation Auction your author bought a number of mint U.S. items and was able to sell them on Ebay for a profit. That should be some hint as to the bargains that are to be had at our Auctions.

Just purchased my sheet of Greetings from America. Also, bought one to be used as postage for the Newsletter. It really is a beautiful sheet and anyone with a thought of buying one should do so. It is the kind of issue that has the potential of being good in the future.

Staying away from computers and Ebay; isn't it amazing how greed can enter all fields including Philately? The major scandal of auction fixing that has hit our hobby was really quite a shocker. To hear some of the names of the so-called mainstay dealers of our hobby being involved was very eye opening. In fact one dealer, who takes adds out in Linn's, happened to have his ad opposite the page at which part of the article of this travesty was on. He took the bull by the horns and promoted the integrity and honesty of his operations which I believe to be true. Lesson at point - Don't Trust Any Dealer Blindly. This holds true with most things in life.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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