The WEPS Newsletter For November/December 2002


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November 11:

We will have our regularly scheduled Auction.

November 25:

We will have Show and Tell as our program for the evening.

December 9:

There will be an Auction.

December 23:

We will have our HOLIDAY PARTY.




DUES ARE DUE. Dues will remain the same for the upcoming year - if paid before the end of the year they will be $8.00; if paid after Jan. 1, 2003 - the fee will be $9.00. Dues can be paid at the mettings to either Lou Caprario or Ron Gollhardt.

A tremendous THANK YOU is due to the membership at large. The Donation Auction netted the club $258.00. This was a record for the Club. Thank You to those who donated items and those who purchased them.

Our membership has been growing but it has been a little stagnant recently. If any member knows of any potential member - please bring him to a meeting so that he can meet the other members and see what we are all about.

My job affords me the opportunity to read all the stamp publications, which I do, thanks to a friend who gives me Stamp Collector, The American Philatelist, Topical Times, Global Stamp News and Linn's, which I subscribe to. Lately, all indicators are pointing to a tremendous up surge in the amount of money being spent on classic and rare items - both U.S. and Foreign. It pays to follow the stamp market because there are some countries and topicals that become hot and then soon cool off.

Although, we are all not in this hobby for financial rewards, it may behoove us to sell some of our collections while the getting is good. By doing this you are able to realize a nice profit and then reinvest - or spend that money on other items that are more desirable.

One area that comes to mind is the Europa Issues from Portugal. Right now they are very hot and it could be the right time to sell. I only say this because Macao was very hot and popular area and now it has backed off.

Changing the topic. One of the publications is always suggesting a different area to collect. South America is one area that is mentioned quite often. From what has been described it offers temendous potential for specialization and for the most part it is not out of sight - monetarily speaking. Many of the 19th century issues are still very affordable - cheap. As a matter of fact, many of the sets prior to 1960 are quite beautiful in their engravings and design.

Not, as an after-thought - REMEMBER - there are circuit books at every meeting. Many bargains can be found among the pages of them. It would be to your benefit to take advantage of them. Many items can be purchased at percentages of catalog and keep an eye out for the older ones that have been in circulation for a few years as a lot of the prices could be outdated to your advantage.

Well, we managed to make it through this newsletter without any mention of Ebay or postcards. So let's not push our luck.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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