The WEPS Newsletter For September & October 2002


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September 9:

There will will be a regularly scheduled Club Auction

September 23:

This evening we will have a Members Bourse and a Trustee Meeting.

October 14:


October 28:

We will have a program entitled - STAMP EXPERTISING - which will be conducted by Ron Gollhardt.


NOTE: I (The Webmaster) have removed a couple of paragraphs from this newsletter as they are referencing a picture that I do not have.


First, we at WEPS, hope everyone has had a healthy and enjoyable summer vacation. It will be good to see everyone after the summer break.

The most important message in this Newsletter is one that has been repeated often - PLEASE DONATE YOUR ITEMS OR YOUR MONEY TOWARDS MAKING THE CLUB DONATION AUCTION A SUCCESS. It is imperative that as many members as possible partake in the event. It has turned out to be one of the life-lines of the Club. The money raised from these auctions more than supplements our expenses after dues.

For all the touting of Ebay that your editor has done over the last couple of years - he also has a warning for you. There have been numerous articles written in Linn's by very knowledgable people saying beware of what you buy on Ebay. This is in regards to stamps. Stamps are one of the easiest items to forge and doctor of all collectibles. Stamps may not be described properly or mis-cataloged; covers may have stamps that have been added etc. Any high price item should have a certificate or be purchased from someone who allows you the time to have it expertised.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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