THE WEPS NEWSLETTER - September and October 2003

West Essex Philatelic Society, Inc. Established 1930

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Verona Public Library

17 Gould St., Verona, N.J. 07044

Meets 6:30 p.m. the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month.

Sept. 8th & 22nd; Oct. 13th & 27th.

Sept. 8: Will be an Auction Night.

Sept. 22: At this meeting we will have a Members Bourse. There will also be a Trustee Meeting.


Oct. 27: We will have either a speaker or a slide program- to be announced.

Remember- that at every Meeting there are circuit books for your perusal and buying. The circuit books offer a tremendous opportunity to buy those stamps you may be missing and as stated in this Newsletter numerous times – there are bargains to be found.

Welcome back to all members after the summer vacation. The summer meetings proved to be well attended with the average at 20 or more for those meetings. Now that the summer is over – maybe we can improve upon that number- BRING A FRIEND.

Welcome back to Jack Kapchus after your hospital stay and let’s hope you can avoid that again.

A large Thank You to Eldon Fodor and Jerry Havel for providing the refreshments.

Congratulations are due to Lou Caprario for his success at the APS Stamp Show 2003 held in Columbus, Ohio, where he won a Gold Medal and Best In Class for his exhibit of United States TB Seals Tied On Cover.

Now, once again a word of appeal to the membership- our CLUB DONATION AUCTION is the life blood of the Club- financially speaking. It is imperative that as many members as possible participate in this event. Not only are lots needed to be donated for sale but BUYERS are needed just as well. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU.

You have heard this author expound numerous times about eBay- however- as I have mentioned in the same breath- knowledge of your hobby is essential- no matter what it is. I would like to copy the following article from Linn"s since when I read it – it proved a point.

A 20-cordoba Jules Verne airmail souvenir sheet of 1978, Nicaragua Scott C944, sold for $102.50 July 23 online on eBay. The Scott catalog value for the sheet is $5.00. The seller has a 99.8 percent positive feedback rating on 2,891 transactions. The sheet opened at $3.00. Six bidders entered a total of 19 bids, with the winning bid being entered nearly 29 hours before the end of the auction. The realization, at 2,050 percent of catalog value, shows what can happen when stamps are sold to buyers who are unaware of prices in the retail stamp market. To the best of my knowledge, this is obviously not a scarce item. I did check out the catalog to verify the information presented. The feedback rating for the seller is highly satisfactory- which would lead one to believe that he is a reputable seller. ONCE AGAIN- KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE. It can not be over stated- it is the key to happy collecting. In the case mentioned above- a little knowledge of stamps would have gone a long way. It was not ebay, it was not the seller- it was collectors who had no knowledge of what they were buying.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace



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