THE WEPS NEWSLETTER - January/February 2004

West Essex Philatelic Society, Inc…Established 1930

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Verona Public Library

17 Gould St., Verona, N.J. 07044

Meets 6:30 p.m. the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month.

Jan. 12th & 26th; Feb. 9th & 23rd.

Jan. 12: Will be a regularly scheduled Auction Night.

Jan. 26: This evening we will have a members Bourse.

Feb. 9:Will be an Auction.

Feb 23: There will be a slide program entitled "Errors, Freaks, & Oddities On U.S. Stamps.

First, welcome back everyone from the New Year Holidays and hope that everyone has a Happy and Healthy New Year. There was a good turn-out at the Holiday Party- we had 23 members present. A large Thank You to all who donated food and goodies for the party.

We at WEPS are looking forward to a good year. Our plans are moving ahead on the 75th Anniversary of the Club, which will be in November, 2005.

If any one has not paid their dues – please do so at the earliest convenience.

I am sure that most of you have, from one time or another, heard the old adage about people having some hobby or interest to keep their minds active as they get older or retire. This being a means to further spur us on and keep us alive a few more years. Well, as philatelists, we are members of a very mind-active group. Stamps provide endless ways to keep the brain tissue in over-drive. However, even the most avid collector could use a little motivation from time to time.

A recent article in Linn’s – New Year’s Resolutions- suggests a few ways. 1) Join a local stamp club- which we already do- or a specialty society. How many of us besides your author are not members of the APS? The article brings out a good point that membership in a specialty society is worthwhile, even if the only reason is that it will bring an information-laden journal to you on a regular basis. EDUCATION- mind stirring.

2) Expand your horizons by collecting something different. Fish is covered- anyone for cows or bananas? Specializing in one country or area of interest focuses your time and efforts and financial resources so that completing the collection is an achievable goal. Sounds great- but in reality what happens is that you run up against a wall. Sooner or later most of the items that one needs become too costly and interest is lost. Be flexible and consider other areas of collecting that can be just for fun and serve as an alternative to your specialty areas.

3) Go to a stamp show. Living in the New York Metropolitan offers us endless possibilities to attend a stamp show- we have them in our own back yard- NOJEX, Clifton Stamp Club, Wayne Manor, and many local bourses.

5) I am going out of turn because this is a quickie as far as many of us are concerned- clean up or straighten up a portion of our collections or accumulations. Lots of Luck.

4) Read a book that relates to something you collect. Take it one step further- read anything pertaining to stamps. I just forced myself to read entirely an article of a fictional account by Rudyard Kipling –"With The Night Mail," which is about a flight aboard the mail dirigible from England to North America. Our Club Library has numerous books available on numerous topics to interest all. If you don’t subscribe to Linn’s- think of doing so. Not being paid to promote it- it is a fabulous wealth of knowledge for all who enjoy the hobby. And, what you read does not have to be of a philatelic nature- a history book pertaining to your specialty could arouse interest. Books about travel to different places that you collect are another area.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace



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