The WEPS Newsletter For September & October 2004


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September 13:

Will be the evening of our regular Club Auction.

September 27:

There will be a Member's Bourse and a Trustee's Meeting.

October 11:


October 25:

We will have a slide program which will be the Frank Atherton Collection of Hawaiian Stamps.


First, all at WEPS would like to welcome everyone back from their summer vacations. We hope everyone had a relaxing and healthy summer recess and that we are now ready to settle down to a little philately.

Attendance during the summer meetings was spectacular with an average of 25 people in attendance.

Congratulations are in order for Steven Rod - he was elected to the Philatelic Foundation Board of Trustees in August.

A note of thanks, to Jennifer Blenner of the Verona-Cedar Grove Times, for her excellent article about our Club. It appeared in the August 26th issue. Copies of the article are available at the Sept. 13th meeting for those interested Or, it may be requested by writing to the club address on the Newsletter. (Click here ) to see the article.

Over the years there is nothing that gives your Editor greater pleasure than to announce new members who have joined our ranks. We have had four: John Peterson, Miles Tepper, Rob Loeffler and Robert Hubsmith. A hearty welcome to all.

Our club continues to grow and now is a good time to make a concentrated push by having each member bring a friend or neighbor to visit ourt Club Meetings.

With each Newsletter that announces a CLUB DONATION AUCTION, we try and emphasize the importance of these as being the life-line of the Club - which in fact, they are. Without these auctions the Club would be in some financial difficulties. It is imperative that each and every member try to participate in one of two ways - or both. Bringing in auction lots to donate to the auction - and, spending money in buying said lots. Please help. Thank you.

Let's count the ways - we have had stamps that are made of gold foil, cut outs like maps, self-adhesives, 3-D, records that actually play, holograms, stamps that smell - and, now Switzerland is producing a stamp made of wood. The unusual stamp is about as thick as a credit card. The trees used to produce the stamps were about 120 years old and come from the Aargau municipalities of Seon and Staufen. Depending on the type of wood, they were steamed or boiled in hot water. Then a slicing machine would cut the trunks of wood into thin sheets of veneer. Hence, then producing the stamps. What's next.

Those of you who are computerized - check out the following site - it is a very educational and multi-faceted     There are many such sites which can provide a wealth of information for the collector.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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