The WEPS Newsletter For January & February 2005


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January 10:

We will have a regularly scheduled auction.

January 24:

This evening there will be a Member's Bourse.

February 14:

There will be a club auction.

February 28:

We will have a slide program - topic the Basics of Stamp Exhibiting - This is one of the most popular slide programs that the APS offers.


DUES ARE DO. If you haven't paid them please do so. The Holiday party was very nice and Thank You to all who donated "goodies" for the party.

A reminder - of which you will see more with each newsletter - save the date: October 24, 2005. This is a regular meeting night. There will be a Dinner Meeting in Little Falls at the Russian Hall to commemorate our 75th Anniversary. Members and guests are invited. More details to follow.

And again - it is with pleasure that we welcome a new member - Robert Moskowitz.

So, now you must think - boy are we in trouble - with all this space left - just imagine the computer talk that can follow - SURPRISE. Where else - except among post card buyers could the problem like this exist - a recent purchase of 10 post cards for .26 each and all posted with a 1c Franklin coil - perforated 12 Horizontally - the problem is there is no way of telling if it is #348 - which catalogs $50.00 on cover or #385 which catalogs $40.00 on cover. Some dilemma.

As constantly mentioned in this Newsletter - knowledge is priceless in this hobby. And, is a way to make and find dollars. The Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers from 1840 - 1940 is just an invaluable tool not to be done without. First - if you can try to find a 2002 Catalog because it was the last year issued in soft cover and can still be purchased reasonably. After that date it is only found in hard cover and the proce is $100.00.

Some examples of what you can find out: Austria #30 - a 10kr blue issue from 1897-72 is valued at $14.00 on cover; however, the stamp used as a single franking - meaning that stamp and no others - catalogs $32.50. From Belgium a similar situation: a 2 centime Numeral ultramarine stamp, which is rather common from 1869-70 - the stamp used is valued at $1.50. On cover, single franking - value = $100.00. The list goes on and on - France has a tremendous amount of disparities such as these. Your author was totally unaware of these differences in value until he recently purchased this volume. KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE.

In the large scope of things, our hobby is really a trivial way of passing time and relaxing. Having these small pieces of paper or not having them really doesn't matter as long as you are alive and able to breathe and exist. Imagine all the people who can no longer do this anymore because of the earthquake and ensuing tidal wave that occured in the Indian Ocean area. It often makes me wonder what I would do if my house caught on fire and all my stamps and possessions were destroyed - something like this really helps put things into propective. This is our planet, and it is ever changing, and, there is nothing we can do about it. Let us all take a moment and SAY A PRAYER FOR ALL WHO WERE LOST.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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