The WEPS Newsletter For March & April 2005


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March 14:

We will have the slide program that was supposed to be shown on Feb. 28. Title is Basics of Stamp Exhibiting.

March 28:

This evening we will have a Memebers Show & Tell.

April 11:

Will be a regular Club Auction

April 25:

This evening there will be a Members Bourse. And, we will have our Annual Meeting & Elections of Officers.


The following proposed slate of Officers the upcoming year is as follows:
President: Ron Gollhardt
Vice-President: Jim Smillie
Treasurer: Lou Caprario
Trustee: Robert Reed
Trustee: Phil Clarke

Nominations are certainly accepted from the floor the night of the Annual Meeting. Also, the night of the Annual Meeting our treasurer will give his financial report.

It is again with great pleasure that we announce the re-joining of an old member - Daniel Herzog, who is a Postcard Dealer for over 23 years. Not only has Dan rejoined - but, I joined his Garden State Postcard club - which is really a great club - anyone interest in particulars - see your editor or Dan.

On April 2-3 the Clifton Stamp, Cover and Post Card show will be held at the Community Rec. Center, 1232 Main Ave at Washington Ave., Clifton.

NOJEX which will be held May 28-30 in Secaucus - get more details at Club meeting - NOJEX organizers are looking for people to help at the NOJEX show. They will pay $10.00 per hour. See Robert Rose for more details.

If you missed it - which you shouldn't - there is a copy of the plans for the 75th Anniversary Celebration which is folded up inside your Newsletter.

Let us count the journals and publications: Linn's Stamp News, American Philatelist, Topical Times, France & Colonies Newsletter, Scott's Stamp Monthly Journal, GLobal Stamp News and one other that slips my mind - this is where I try to look for interesting articles to pass on information instead of the old fangled computer talk.

Lately you have heard about different stamp mediums and methods of production - well, here is another to add to the list. Great Britain is issuing a Magic Set to be issued March 15. The First Class stamp depicts a spinning coin that is blank in the center and the words "Heads or Tails" are written on the edge of the coin. The center can be rubbed off to reveal heads or tails. An optical illusion is featured on the 40p stamp - shown in the upper left corner is a hand holding a rabbit by its ears. Pictured in the lower right is a magician's hat. The words "Slowly bring the stamp to your nose" are inscribed to the left of the hat. When you follow the instructions you can see the rabbit jump into the hat. The 47p stamp depicts colorful scarves - when you follow instructions and rub the spotted scarf with your finger the pattern on the scarf will change. The 68p stamp depicts 2 images - a small picture of a hand holding 3 aces in the lower right and a large ace of hearts in the center. Instructions read - Stare at the dot for 30 seconds then stare at a white wall - Royal Mail says, "You'll be surprised at what you see." The other stamp L1.12 shows 3 fezzes with your finger to find the 3rd pyramid. WHAT WILL BE NEXT??? Anyone interested in this set can contact: Interpost, Box 420, Hewlett, NY 11557-0420.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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