The WEPS Newsletter For May Through August 2005


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May 9:


May 23:

This evening there will be a slide program: "Collecting Plate Number Coils" presented by Bob Moskowitz and Rob Loeffler.

Plate Number Coil

June 13:

We will have our regular scheduled auction.

June 27:

There will be a Show and Tell.

July 11:

Will be the night of our regular scheduled auction.

July 25:

This evening we will have a Member's Bourse.

August 8:

Our regularly scheduled Monday Night Auction.

August 22:

There will be a Member's Bourse.


First and foremost- the following officers have been elected for the upcoming year:
President - Ron Gollhardt
Vice-President - Jim Smillie
Treasurer - Lou Caprario
Trustee - Robert Reed
Trustee - Phil Clarke

Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful efforts and the jobs you are doing.

As always - it is a pleasure to announce the joining of another new member - David Way.

Some members still have not paid their dues; so, please do so before we have to drop you from our mailing list. Those who have not paid - a note will be put on the ouside of your newsletter.

Once again - May 9th WILL BE OUR DONATION AUCTION. It is imperitive that as many members as possible participate in this event. We need buyers and sellers(donators). This is the financial life-blood of the Club. Please help. Thank you.

A yellow flyer has been inserted in this copy of the newsletter - it is further information on the Anniversary Celebration for the Club. Please make every effort to attend and please bring friends.

Don't forget NOJEX - the show will be held on May 28 - May 30 - bourse, exhibits, and auctions. For more details inquire at Club Meetings.

Well once again, my favorite topic - the formula for financial success in a hobby - knowledge and "dumb-luck". The "Dumb-Luck" part - in 1982, your author bought a home-made book of Radio Reception stamps at a WEPS club auction. There were over 760 different stamps and the purchase price was $10.00. They have been sitting in my closet since that day. They are Cinderallas- they were produced by the EKKO company in Chicago. And, the way they operated was that when you had received a signal from a radio station - you would send in a form and 10 cents - and you would receive a stamp with the call letters from that station.

Now - for the knowledge part - one never knows where or when you will learn something new. At the last post card club meeting - a gentleman was lecturing about QSL cads - which were used by "Ham" operators to indicate receipt of hearing each others stations. Anyway, after the meeting I asked if there was any interest in these radio stamps - and he mentioned there was.

Ebay is just not for selling and buying. Doing a search - a number of these radio stamps were located and at prices from $0.99 to $70.00. Many were selling for many dollars. So, as it turned out this $10.00 investment on a hunch - just bought because I like what is different and not found in the Scott Catalog, may turn into thousands. PS: There is a stamp with the letters WEPS from Gloucester - which I do not own. The design is an American Eagle with telegraph towers on each side. Also, a beaver is only other design for Canadian and some foreign stations.


Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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