The WEPS Newsletter For November & December 2004


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November 8:

We will have our regularly scheduled Club Auction

November 22:

There will be a Show & Tell. As well, Bob Parkin will give a demonstration on how to use our Club's Website.

December 13:

This evening will be another regular Club Auction.

December 27:

We will have our Club Party


DUES ARE DUE. The dues rate will remain the same. If paid before the end of the year it will be $8.00. After the first it will be $9.00. A Lifetime Membership is $150.00. Dues can be paid at the Meetings to either Lou Caprario or Ron Gollhardt. Dues can be paid by mail to WEPS, c/o Raymond LaPlace, PO Box 443, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407.

Once again, our greatest pleasure is satisfied by announcing another new member joining our ranks: Welcome to Vincent Pannullo.

The Club Donation Auction netted $148.00 for the Club's Treasury. Thanks to everyone who participated. We will have additional Donation Items in the November 8th Auction. These items were received by mail and arrived too late for the October Auction.

Also, a note of Thanks to Les Byrnes, for donating 2 volumes of the World's Greatest Stamp COllectors Books; and, to Andy Jacobs for donating a copy of the book Judaica Philately. These are now in our Library which are available to all members. For those of you that may not be aware - all you have to do is contact Peter Samuels to take books out of our library.

We are looking for members to prepare exhibits for show in the Library to help publicize our upcoming 75th Anniversary Event. The exhibits would be of one frame. Please see Ron Gollhardt for further details.

Remember, in one of the past Newsletters, we discussed the different ways and things that stamps were made of and from. Well, it seems we have a world-wide competition amongst countries to top one another. Austria now may take top honors - they have embedded pieces of crystal into new stamps honoring Swarovski, a company known for its cut crystal. The stamp depicts a crystal swan figurine crated by Swarovski. Each stamp will sell for approximately $4.50.

From Linn's - The Insider, by Les Winick. Fur flew in Canada recently over the shape of dog biscuits. "Dogs may not care what their biscuits look like, but Canada Post certainly does. The Crown Corporation has successfully lobbied a chain of pet stores to stop selling its popular biscuits shaped like letter carriers." The name of the product is Bark Bars, which also come in the shape of cats. Reuters carried this report: "the pet stor chain, which has 292 outlets in Canada, agreed to withdraw the treats after it received a letter from Canada Post saying that employees were concerned about the risks mail carriers face from dogs and were unhappy with having dog biscuits shaped in their likeliness." A Canadian postal official said 160 attacks on letter carriers were recorded in the first half of 2004.

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. Amazing what you can find with research tools. With the help of Towles Railroad Catalog a number of street car routes have been identified on post cards. Some from St. Louis, Kansas City, etc...


Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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