The WEPS Newsletter For September & October 2005


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Sept 12: Will be the night of our Regular Auction

Sept 26: Members Bourse




For something different - we will get the small news and sometimes the most important news done first. With the greatest pleasure we welcome back a new-old member - Hugh Merritt. Unfortunately, with a sad note - we note the passing of member John Peterson this past April.

We wish to call your attention to our 75th Anniversary Events: the dinner on October 24th, the Cachet Cover and the Souvenir Labels. The enclosed flyers give all the details and include an advance Reservation/Order Form. We must receive your payment for dinner NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 11th, so if you haven't signed up yet, please do so now. Many of our non-resident and former members have indicated their plans to attend, so this will be a great opportunity to renew old acqaintances and meet new friends. Guests are welcome, they need not be stamp collectors; so, please invite your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. A large part of the etc - could be wives - spouses - get the hint. The more attending the more enjoyable and memorable the evening will be. We are certain everyone will have a great time. AGAIN - CHECK THE ENCLOSED INSERTS TO MAKE YOUR PLANS AND ORDER YOUR SPECIAL PHILATELIC ITEMS.

A special note should be made of the guest speaker for the evening - Bob Lamb - Executive Director of the APS - who will be talking about "Stamp Collecting Then (1930) And Now." He is a very well known philatelic figure and speaker. If for no other reason than that we should also attempt to attend so that we can have a spectacular showing for this gentleman.

October will be a very special month - as the first meeting is a CLUB DONATION AUCTION. This as always previously mentioned - is the financial backbone and life-blood of the club. Almost $100.00 was realized from the Club Donation Auction in May. We wish to thank all the members who contributed lots and those who participate in the auction. Once again - a plea goes out to all members to participate in this event.

We also want to thank member Bob Moskowitz, Robert Hubsmith and Rob Loeffler for the very interesting and informative slide program "Collecting Plate Number Coils" that they presented at the May 23rd meeting.

In closing - no computer talk, no eBay talk, no stamp talk. Just, a lot of effort has gone into preperation of this 75th Anniversary Event - it would be a shame if we did not have a spectacular showing. I for one am bringing my wife, who considered it an honor that I asked her to join me that evening. I am asking friends - but do not know successful that will be. This is one time that we must count on membership of the WEPS for its utmost support of this evening. There are some member who get the Newsletter and are unable to attend the regular meetings - it would be especially nice and refreshing if they could make a special effort to be there this one night.

As always - a pleasure to serve the membership and the Club.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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