The WEPS Newsletter For January & February 2006


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January 9:

There will be a regular scheduled Monday Night Auction

January 23:

We will have a Slide Lecture entitled "CEREMONY PROGRAMS - THE GOOD, THE RARE & THE BEAUTIFUL. This program will be presented by Scott Pelcyger, who prepared it from his own collection.

Berlin Airlift First Day Ceremony Program
Berlin Airlift First Day Cermony Program.

February 13:

Will be an Auction Night.

February 27:

Sales Circuit Night - it will be a special night dedicated for just Circuit Book sale.


The meeting schedule has been prepared for the upcoming year and is available on our calendar link or copies can be picked up at the next meeting.

Everyone who attended the special December 27th meeting had a good time - it was held on a Tuesday because the Library was closed and we had a holiday party. We had several guests that night - Peter Samuels - his grand-daughter Kala; and friends of Peter's - Joseph Csuka and his daughter Ai - they are from Japan and he belongs to the Clifton Club as well.

The Board met and decided to keep the dues level the same as it has been. It will be $8.00 if paid before January 31st, and, $9.00 if paid after that. Dues may be paid at the meeting to Lou Caprario or Ron Gollhardt. If who chose to pay by mail PLEASE MAKE A NOTE THAT OUR MAILING ADDRESS HAS CHANGED AND IT WILL BE THE NEW RETURN ADDRESS FOR THE CLUB AS WELL:

West Essex Philatelic Society
P.O. Box 223
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Please make a note of this for future corresondence if necessary - hopefully it will be changed on this newsletter or next.

Let me tell a fairy tale - A Dream Come True. Your editor has lost his job - no - not this one - my business has closed down since being in operation from 1933. It was a family owned chemical distribution concern. So, now I am unemployed. Except, that now I will be able to do something I have always dreamed of - I am going to attempt to make a living by selling Post Cards, Stamps and Postal History and just about any paper ephemera on Ebay. Let me say that one of the benefits is a definite lack of stress. After ending my employment and going into this semi-retirement I had a Doctor's appointment and my blood pressure has never been better. The only down side to this is that my wife won't leave me alone with her Honey-Do Lists. Hopefully Ebay will will be as successful for me as it has been to Lloyd MacKay, another member who is doing it on a full time basis as well.

I try to keep my reading of journals up so as to provide interesting sidelights for you the membership. Revenues - the Washington State Apple Advertising stamps - The State of Washington initiated its program in 1934 and collected a tax of 1 cent per box of apples. The money collected was used to help defray costs of adminstering the state's Act, part of which included advertising to promote the state's apple harvest as a way of supporting the apple-growing industry. the stamps came in 6 values: 1 cent, 10 cents, 50 cents, $1.00, $5.00, and $7.56. Why the 7.56? The standard shipment was 756 boxes weighing 50 pounds each. Different overprints came into use as well as new values and designs. This article was in the Scott Stamp Monthly the December 2004 issue. Revenues can be fun as there are many topics - alcohol, grapefruits, potatoes, marijuana, tobacco, fertilizer, dog food, bedding, shellfish, oleomargarine - these are state level as weill as federal tax stamps - revenues - cinderellas that have been issued.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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