The WEPS Newsletter For March & April 2006


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March 13:

Will be the night of our Regular Club Auction

March 27:

This evening we will have a Show & Tell

April 10:

Once again we will have a CLUB DONATION AUCTION. Rather now than later: THIS IS THE LIFE BLOOD OF THE CLUB. Without you, the membership participating in both putting up material for sale and buying the lots - everyone must help in order for this to be a success. This Donation Auction allows us to remain financially solvent.

April 24:

We will have a member's bourse. Also it will be the night of the Annual Business Meeting and Election of Officers for the upcoming year.


As always, it takes priority - mentioning new Members. Welcome to Philip Hessinger.

A thank you to Scott Pelcyger for his excellent presentation on Stamp Ceremony Programs at the January 23rd meeting.

DUES ARE DUE. if you have not paid them they are $9.00. They may be paid at the meeting or mailed to:

West Essex Philatelic Society
P.O. Box 223
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Please do not be negligent because eventually we will have to stop mailing newsletters to those who are not current with their dues.

The proposed slate of Officers for the upcoming year are as follows: President: Bob Parkin; Vice-President: Rob Loeffler; Treasurer: Lou Caprario, and 2 Trustees: Jerry Havel and Diann Pinkowski. The other 2 Trustees are Bob Reed and Phil Clarke - and they are not up for re-election this year. Trustee terms run alternately for 2 years. Anyone wishing to be nominated for any position may do so at the night of the meeting and all are welcome to do so.

For those that are not or were not aware of some of the changes just mentioned - your questions may be answered by the following:

"It has indeed been an honor to serve as your president for the past 15 years. I appreciate the confidence which you have entrusted in me and I thank you all for your support. Bob Reed and the nominating committee are to be commended for their job in selecting an excellent slate of candidates for the upcoming election. If WEPS is to survive for another 25 years, it will be because we continue to attract new and younger members who are willing to take an active role in club activities. I intend to remain active as a club member and look forward to spending more time on the neglected aspects of my stamp collection."
Ron Gollhardt, President WEPS.

Well, your Editor - who has not shown up at any meeting lately - was very surprised by this move. I have been a member since 1970 and I can say without any reserve that Ron has done a fabulous and incredible job as President of the Club. I don't think he left anything to be desired. He was forthright, ambitious and honest and some of his undertakings are to be highly acclaimed. A very large, huge and appreciative THANK YOU TO YOU - RON - seem most appropriate. We only hope that whoever follows will have the same if not more success than did Ron. There are no comparisons to make - only congratulations and Thank You's to all who volunteer their services to the club.

By the way, and not as an after thought - but, if anyone would like to be editor it is possible. If not, I will be honored and priviledged to continue doing this job.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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