The WEPS Newsletter For May Through August 2006


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May 8

Regular scheduled Auction Night

May 22:

This evening will be Sales Circuit Night. These nights will be a time for members to go through the Circuit Books, Trade and just have fun.

June 12:

Will be our regular Monday Night Auction

June 26:

At this meeting we will have a member's Show & Tell.

July 10:

We will have our regular Auction Night

July 24:

This evening will be a Member's Bourse - These bourse nights are a time for members to bring in material to sell among other members.

August 14:

Will be an Auction Night.

August 28:

There will be a Sales Circuit Night


With a note of regret, we unfortunately pass on the news of Jim Heil's death. He died on March 13th. Jim will be missed at the Club, for he had a vibrant and fun loving personality. He was always active in the Auctions contantly buying for himself and his grandchildren.

At the April 24th Meeting - which was the evening of our Annual Business Meeting - the following officers were elected for the upcoming year:
President: Bob Parkin
Vice President: Rob Loeffler
Treasurer: Lou Caprario
Trustee: Jerry Havel
Trustee: Diann Pinkowski
The other two Trustees are Bob Reed and Phil Clarke.

Also, at this same meeting our Treasurer reported that we are still solvent and operating. The Club Donation Auction that was held in April netted the club $141.00. Thank you to all who participated in donating material and to those who purchased it.

Now - problem time - filling up the remaining space. Your author does read numerous journals and magazines related to the hobby and will pick out items that he thinks may be of interest. For example: Austria recently issued an embroidered Edelweiss stamp. Instead of being printed on paper, the stamp is created entirely of embroidery thread. In April, it was reported that Austria had issued a stamp that is sprinkled with dust from a meteorite. The chemical composition of the mineral olivine is typical of this kind of meteorite, and can be verified by examining the meteorite dust on the stamp. I constitutes no risk to human health. According to news reports, the 19 kilogram (41 pound) meteorite was discovered about two years ago in Morocco.

A recently tipped stamp is the 33 cent Aquarium Fish Stamps. The overall tagged variety is rather scarce and is demanding a premium. Scott #'s 3117-20 - Scott values a mint strip of 4 of the common block-tagged stamps at $2.60. Mint and used singles of the over-all tagged variety are valued at $10.00 each. A mint strip of 4 at $55.00 and a pane of 20 at $300.00. Get out your ultra-violet testers. Even your author is going to check his stamps out.

Believe it or not - this Ebay-er has had some success selling U.S. First Day Covers on Ebay - not for any really high prices - but, there has been movement. The lesser known cachet designers seem to be more desireable. A plate block of 4 used on a FDC managed to attract a few bidders.

As most of you know the International Stamp Show is being held at the end of May in Washington, D.C. It is probably an opportunity of a life time to see some of the rarest stamps of the hobby.

Sorry for the delay in writing the newsletter - but, fortunately for me I was called out of town for a family obligation of a pleasurable nature.

A pleasant and Safe Summer to all the membership - hope to see you at the summer meetings.

Your Editor: Ray Laplace


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